Send Us Your Shoes

Take advantage of our shoe repair by mail service for convenience and quality work.

CLICK HERE to view and print our repair by mail form. Simply complete the form and send it in with your shoes or other items to be repaired. We’re here to help with any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to call.

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Women's Shoe Repair
Women's High Heels$16
Women's Mid Size Heels$18
Women's Large Heels$20
Women's Sport Heels$25
Women's ½ Soles$30
Men's Shoe Repair
Men's Shoe Heels$28
Men's Boot Heels$30
Men's Sport Heels$30
Men's Dress ½ Soles$55
Men's Boot ½ Soles$50
Men's Dress ½ Soles & Heels$75
Men's Boots Soles & Heels$75
Men's Cushion Full Soles$75
Men's Vibram Lug Soles$75
Men's Protective Full Soles$35
Everything Else
Shoes Stretched$12
Boots Stretched$15
Boots Calf Stretched$20
Shoes Shined$8
Heel Plates$9
Heel Liners$30
Jacket Zippers$16
Sliders Purse$25
Backpack Slide$20
New Jacket Zippers$60 – $80
Belt ShorteningMin $10
(1) Elastic$15
(1) Tiny Elastic$18
Minimum Service Charge$8




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