Shoe Care Tips

Take the Following Steps Each Month

  1. Clean your shoes with a leather cleaner
  2. Condition the leather to restore oils that are lost through wear
  3. Polish your shoes to restore the color and shine and to seal out dirt
  4. Weatherproof your shoes to protect them from water and oil

Store your shoes in cedar shoe trees

You have 125,000 sweat glands in your feet – all of them pouring moisture into your shoes. That is why it makes sense to rotate your shoes and on their days off, put cedar shoe trees in them. Cedar absorbs moisture, acid and salt, reducing creaking and deterioration of leather. Cedar shoe trees also add comfort by smoothing out linings and insoles and maintains the shape of the shoes.

Practice preventative maintenance

Repair your shoes before wear turns into damage. Ladies, don’t wait for the rubber tips to fall off of your high-heels. Replace them before they get to that point to avoid more significant damage to your heels. The same goes for flats and men’s shoes.

Add a protective sole to your shoes

A protective sole is a very thin rubber role that is thin enough that it doesn’t change the feel or appearance of the shoe.